Donetsk, Apr 9 - DAN. Ukrainian army strikes caused a power outage at the water treatment facilities in the Golmovskiy neighbourhood in the northern outskirts of Gorlovka on Tuesday morning, Donetsk People’s Republic Construction and Housing Utilities Deputy Minister Vitaly Kizhayev said.

“The Golmovskiy water treatment facilities were left without power supply as a result of Ukrainian strikes,” Kizhayev said. “Water supply and sewage are intact; the reservoirs can take waste water for two about two days.”

The severance point is in the “grey zone,” so we need a ceasefire to effect repairs. After securing a truce, teams of electricians will be formed to restore the transmission line,” he added.

On Tuesday morning, Ukrainian servicemen opened fire at Gorlovka leaving more than 3,000 customers without electricity.

The Golmovskiy water treatment facilities are an important element of Gorlovka’s sewage disposal system. Commissioned in 1979, they can treat 2,800 cubic metres of waste water per day.*jk