Donetsk, Jul 30 - DAN. The Donetsk People’s Republic militia made public new information on crimes committed by Kiev forces in Donbass. According to the latest reports, the commander of a Ukrainian army brigade deployed near Gorlovka is among the suspects.

“The Donetsk Region police notified the Joint Forces Operation command that it suspected 53rd Mechanised Brigade commander (Andrey) Polyakov of attempted takeover of an agribusiness in Konstantinovka, DPR People’s Militia spokesman Daniil Bezsonov said on Tuesday.

Earlier, the DPR opened several criminal cases against Polyakov. The Republic’s Prosecutor General Office is investigating his involvement in strikes at the Republic’s residential areas. On June 22, servicemen under his command opened fire at the Izotov Colliery neighbourhood in Gorlovka wounding a 13-year-old girl. According to Ukrainian media reports, Polyakov, when he was a 93rd Brigade deputy commander, found himself at the centre of a hazing scandal. He was accused of alcohol abuse and humiliating treatment of his subordinates.

Bezsonov said that Ukrainian law-enforcers were investigating a number of high-profile crimes involving servicemen and radicals from nationalistic squads. On July 28, a criminal case was filed against an Azov ultranationalistic regiment gunman over attempted murder of a Mariupol resident. According to the case materials, the suspect who had a previous criminal conviction, booby-trapped the door of the victim’s apartment, but the bomb exploded accidentally causing no casualties.

Earlier this week, military police detained a 81st Airborne Brigade serviceman and two 406th Artillery Brigade servicemen for cultivating and selling narcotic plants.*jk