Donetsk, Mar 21 – DAN. The Ukrainian People’s Tribunal for Poroshenko’s regime war crimes (UPT) plans to hand over its files to the Ukrainian Supreme Court after the change of government in Ukraine, UPT chairwoman Elena Shishkina, a lawyer from Donetsk said.

"We, the citizens of Ukraine, want that Ukraine reunites after the Minsk Agreements are fulfilled. We acknowledge the laws of Ukraine and we think the current authorities in Kiev violate these laws. We will try them in accordance with Ukrainian laws. When adequate politicians come to power in Ukraine, the Tribunal will hand over all its files to the Ukraine's Supreme Court for official sentencing on the basis of our preliminary public sentence, based on the current Ukrainian Criminal Code," Shishkina said.

The Initiaitive Group of the People’s Tribunal for the crimes of Poroshenko and his clique against Ukrainian citizens held a constitutive meeting in Donetsk on Tuesday. It approved the Tribunal’s Charter and composition and announced the launching of the official website. The UPT is expected to hold the first hearing in Donetsk on March 26-27.

On March 15, the Initiative Group of Ukrainian citizens living in Donetsk and Lugansk announced the establishment of the People’s Tribunal for Poroshenko’s regime war crimes. It will review the crimes of high-ranking officials, including Ukrainian President Petr Poroshenko, National Security Council Secretary Alexander Turchinov, Defence Minister Stepan Poltorak and Ukrainian armed force commander-in-chief Viktor Muzhenko. The cases will be tried and files reviewed in accordance with the Ukrainian legislation and international law.*ot