Donetsk, Apr 11 - DAN. Ukrainian forces on Monday evening shelled the outskirts of Petrovskiy and Kievskiy districts of DPR capital damaging two houses, a gas pipe and a power line, local officials told Donetsk News Agency.

“Trudovskiye neighbourhood came under fire at around 7:00 p.m. The roof of the residential house at 24 Amudaryinskaya Street took a direct artillery round hit, a summer kitchen at 24 Bezlesaya Street burnt down, a power line was cut in Marka Ozernogo Street and in Kantemirovskiy lane a gas pipe was damaged,” Petrovskiy district head Maxim Zhukovskiy said.

“Northern Donetsk was also shelled on Monday evening. Shelling left without electricity Donetsk-Severniy neighbourhood. Repairs are now underway,” Kievskiy district head Valentina Levchenko said.

Earlier reports on Tuesday said DPR Operations Command recorded 64 violations of the ceasefire by the Ukrainian army over the past 24 hours. In Dokuchayevsk, 400 residential houses were left without electricity as a result of overnight shelling. *jk