Donetsk, Sep 23 - DAN. Ukrainian representatives at the Joint Centre for Control and Coordination have not responded to the request for ceasefire to restore power supply to the Kominternovo village in the south of the Donetsk People’s Republic since September 20, the DPR Coal and Energy Ministry reported on Monday.

“On September 20, a high voltage line was seriously damaged by Ukrainian forces fire which caused the shutdown of two electrical substations and partial power outage in the village,” the Ministry said.

“On the same day, the Republic’s electricians requested the JCCC to ensure a ceasefire for the period of repairs in the damaged transmission line area. Regrettably, Ukraine has not not met the request so far,” the DPR Coal and Energy Ministry said.

Repairs are complicated by close proximity of the damaged stretch of the high-voltage line to Ukrainian army positions. The Ministry said that the repairs would be carried out as quickly as possible as soon as Kiev provided security guarantees.*jk