Gorlovka, Dec 29 – DAN. Fifteen detainees released from prison by Ukrainian authorities were handed over to DPR and LPR officials in northern Gorlovka on Thursday.

Ukrainian side passed the former detainees to DPR ombudswoman Darya Morozova and LPR envoy to humanitarian working group Olga Kobtseva in vicinity of Mayorsk checkpoint.

DPR Operations Command Chief of Staff Ruslan Yakubov, DPR Defence Ministry officials and LPR military prosecutors were at the scene.

“It’s an act of goodwill by Ukraine, yet we should not forget that we handed over 80 people as a goodwill gesture. We’re fully committed to prisoner exchange,” Morozova told reporters.

The detainee group comprises eight men and seven women. Some of them are seriously ill. Earlier reports said ten people would be handed over to Donetsk and five to Lugansk.

On 22 December, Kiev humanitarian group representative Irina Geraschenko announced Ukraine’s intention to unilaterally release 15 DPR and LPR supporters. Most of them had been pardoned by the Ukrainian president.

Earlier DPR ombudswoman Darya Morozova said the Republic’s authorities were ready for “690 for 47”prisoner swap with Ukraine. *jk