Donetsk - Sep 26, DAN. Reconstructed kindergartens No. 2 and 3 opened today in Debaltsevo, the scene of most violent clashes between Donbass militia and Kiev forces back in 2015.

"Two kindergartens - No.2 and 3 - opened today in Debaltsevo after major repairment, as the buildings sustained massive damage as a result of heavy shellings by Ukrainian armed forces," said the press office of Ministry of Education and Science.

Building supplies delivered by Russia’s humanitarian convoys were used in these repairs, the press statement reads. The opening ceremonies were attended by the Ministry head Larisa Polyakova and local authority head Alexander Reingold.

"My congratulations! This is a truly meaningful event, our small victory, another step on the way of the Republic’s formation, a triumph of life-affirming and generative principles," Polyakova said.