Donetsk, Sep 28 — DAN. More than 500 schools, kindergartens and vocational colleges will be restored in the new regions by the end of this year as part of the People’s Program, the press service of the United Russia political party reported on Thursday.

“Some two billion rubles have been allocated to purchase modern laboratory equipment, ” the press service quoted first deputy chairperson of the Russian parliament committee on education Alyona Arshavina as saying. “Twelve model libraries have been created and several community centers are under construction.”

About two million textbooks have been delivered to schools in the new regions. Everything is being done for the Russian World to be totally together with our people, she said.

 Four pedagogical universities and nine field-specific higher education centers have been established in the new regions thanks to the People’s Program, the political party said.

Earlier reports said that the new territories had submitted more than 150,000 recommendations for the People’s Program.*jk