Donetsk, Aug 3 - DAN. At least three houses were damaged over the past 24 hours as Ukrainian forces shelled Dokuchayevsk and Kominternovo village in DPR’s southern Novoazovskiy district, the Republic’s Operations Command and local authorities reported on Thursday.

“Over the past 24 hours, two houses in Lenina and Nezavisimosti Streets in Dokuchayevsk sustained shelling damage,” a DPR Operations Command representative said.

On Wednesday evening, Kominternovo village in DPR south came under Ukrainian forces fire; a house in Akhmatova Street burnt down as a result, Novoazovskiy district administration press service reported.

“Luckily, the tenants were not in the house at the time; there were no casualties,” the press service added.

On Wednesday evening, Ukrainian forces made an attempt to break through DPR defence lines on south axis in the vicinity of Leninskoye village. The attack failed as two commando groups advancing towards DPR tripped mines in a Ukrainian minefield.*jk