Donetsk, Dec 13 – DAN. This year, the Donetsk authorities have repaired over 1,200 infrastructure objects and households damaged by Kiev forces strikes, acting head of Donetsk administration Alexey Kulemzin told Donetsk Vecherniy newspaper.

"This year we repaired 342 multi apartment houses and 157 objects of social infrastructure including schools, hospitals and kindergartens," he said.

He added that 720 private houses have been reconstructed and 1,353 owners have received building materials to carry out repairs on their own.

"Next year we plan to reconstruct 244 multi apartment houses and 35 social objects, 633 private houses in eight districts of Donetsk."

Donetsk has a history going back to 1869. Before Kiev's offensive against Donbass it used to be second important city in Ukraine, a center of sports, culture and finance, In 2014, the city's residents supported protests against the coup-d'état in Kiev and the establishment of the Donetsk People's Republic.

Kiev launched first strikes on Donetsk on 26 May 2014, targeting the city's international airport. Different sources put the first day of war death toll at 50-100 people, at least half of them civilians. Donetsk has been a target for Ukrainian forces ever since. *ot