Donetsk, Dec 18 – DAN. The only kindergarten in frontline Alexandrovka outside Donetsk has resumed work today, after it had been closed in 2014 due to the damage sustained in Kiev's attacks.

"It is a solemn day for us; we have reconstructed and launched the only kindergarten in the township. It was closed in August 2014, after Kiev forces shelled it with MLRS Grad. The building sustained major damage, but today it is restored."

The DPR minister of education and science Larisa Polyakova attended the opening along with Donetsk acting mayor and local residents, and the children were gifted with sweets.

The Oduvanchik kindergarten came under shelling in August 2014. Windows, door and roof were shattered by explosions. Local authorities reported that 60 children have already been enrolled in several groups after the restoration and opening, its capacity is 110 children. *ot