Donetsk, Dec 21 – DAN. The situation in Debaltsevo remains relatively calm, though Kiev forces keep shelling the town's outskirts, local administration had told DAN.

"The fighting is ongoing along the contact line and on Debaltsevo outskirts. The situation in the town is calm, no explosions were recorded there," Alexander Reingold said.

A defence source told DAN that over the last 24 hours Kiev forces fired more than 215 152mm and 122mm artillery rounds and 82mm and 120 mm mortar rounds, targeting the LPR area of responsibly north-west of Debaltsevo.
The DPR Operation Command said that the situation might have been worse if not for Russian officers in the Joint Center for Control and Coordination, who request ceasefire every time violations occur.
"Thus the situation in the area is under control," the interlocutor said.
LPR People's Militia spokesman Andrey Marochko told Lugansk Media Center that the Republic has enough resources to foil Kiev attempts to break through defense lines.

On December 18 the Ukrainian army attempted to break through DPR and LPR defense lines in vicinity of Debaltsevo. A reconnaissance squad advanced supported by artillery, and Kiev forces intensified fire. DPR and LPR militia managed to foil the attack, Ukrainian armed forces casualties amounted to 10 killed and over 20 wounded; two armored personnel carriers were destroyed. The attack was foiled.*ot