Donetsk, Jul 1 — DAN. The in-patient care department of the Donetsk Republican Centre for Maternal and Child Health (DRTsOMD) which was mothballed after Ukrainian gunmen’s strike in June will reopen in a month at the earliest, DRTsOMD Deputy Director General Anna Zheleznaya told the Donetsk News Agency on Friday.

“We’re closed until further notice because we have to carry out roof and window repairs in the first place, ” Zheleznaya said. “As soon as we’re done, we plan to open, the sooner the better, hopefully at least in a month.”

The in-patient department is currently closed, but diagnostics and consulting departments operate, she added.

The DRTsOMD building was damaged during a massive strike at Donetsk on June 13. The strike caused damage to the medical center’s roof, walls and windows. Medical personnel and patients spent several hours in a shelter.*jk