Donetsk, Jun 15 – DAN. Seven townships in the southern Novoazovsk district have been left without power by Kiev's shelling, the DPR Ministry of Coal and Energy press service said.

"Today at 6.32 a.m. as the result of fighting the 35kV "Novoazovskaya" power line went off, two substations, "RP-35 VES" and "Sakhanka-35kV", 16 transforming stations were left without power; power outage affected seven villages in the Novoazovsk district: Kominternovo, Zaichenko, Dzerzhinskoye, Leninskoye, Sakhanka, Sergeyevka, Novaya Tavria."

Repair teams of the Regional Power Supply Company are examining the damage and checking the equipment of the stations.  If the ceasefire lasts, engineers will restore power shortly, the press statement said.

The situation in southern DPR has recently degraded, as the Novoazovsk district comes under Ukrainian fire daily. In the night of June 13-14, Kiev forces shelled Kominternovo causing damage to housing. *ot