Donetsk, Apr 5 — DAN. President Vladimir Putin has urged the law-enforcement bodies and security services to make all efforts to protect the safety of residents of the four new regions and their property.

“I emphasize that the Interior Ministry, prosecutors, investigative committees and other enforcement bodies as well as security services must do their best to ensure safe living of the local population,  protect the people, their safety and property from crimes, lawlessness and violence, ” he said at the session of the Security Council on Wednesday noting that the local business community also needed support.

The situation there remains tense, he said. Kiev masterminds terrorist attacks against authorities, journalists, activists and teachers and delivers regular artillery strikes at the new territories. Neo-Nazis and their abettors commit crimes not only in the new regions but also elsewhere in the country.

“There are all reasons to say that the potential of third countries — western security services — is involved in preparing these sabotage and terrorist acts, ” the president said.

The top officials of the DPR, LPR and Zaporozhye and Kherson regions are taking part in the Security Council session.*jk