Donetsk, Jul 7 — DAN. Specialists from Russia’s Vladimir region will begin to rebuild Dokuachayevsk’s war-ravaged infrastructure in the near future, town administration head Alexander Kachanov told the Donetsk News Agency on Thursday.

The Vladimir region took Dokuchayevsk under patronage as it signed a cooperation agreement with Dokuchayevsk authorities on July 5. 

“It’s premature to talk about finalized plans but the current ones envision Vladimir region’s assistance in rebuilding 17 houses and ten social infrastructure facilities which were damaged by Ukrainian army strikes, ” Kachanov said.

Several municipal vehicles will be handed over to the town shortly, he added.

Dokuchayevsk has been under massive enemy fire since 2014. Ukrainian gunmen targeted residential areas, social infrastructure and important industrial facilities such as granaries, the rock dust factory, refinery and flux and dolomite works. The local zoo also took damage. The number of strikes at Dokuchayevsk has been decreasing since the liberation of Volnovakha and neighboring settlements.*jk