Donetsk, Sep 22 - DAN. The Russian Emergencies Ministry humanitarian convoy delivered 370 tonnes of baby formula and medicines to Donbass People’s Republic, a DPR emergencies ministry spokesperson said.

"DPR welcomes 56th humanitarian aid convoy, that delivered 370 tonnes of humanitarian cargo, including 305 tonnes of infant formula and 65 tonnes of medicines," said Roman Makhov, head of the DPR Ministry’s Center for humanitarian cargo storage and distribution.

DPR Emergency Ministry says baby formula will be distributed to families with children under 1 year old (milk mixture, vegetable, fruit and meat mash, juice in meal kits of 5.5 kg) and to families with children under 3 years old (6 kg meal kits).

"Medications will be allocated to DPR medical institutions," Makhov added.

The previous milestone 55th convoy delivered almost 220 tonnes of food supplies and medicines to Donbass on August, 25. "White trucks" as they are called in Donbass, carried insulin, immunobiological medications, oncological and oncohematological agents, expandables for long term hemodialysis.