Donetsk, Aug 30 — DAN. Yasinovataya, Yenakiyevo and Mangush have received more aid as part of cooperation with Russian regions. Thirteen pieces of equipment including passenger vehicles, car parts and gifts for children have been handed over to these settlements over the past two days.

Yasinovataya mayor Dmitry Shevchenko said that Chelyabinsk region governor Alexey Teksler visited the town on Tuesday. In the course of the visit, he discussed specifics of the preparation for the heating season, the rebuilding of war-damaged facilities, water supply issues etc. The governor passed to the town an autohydraulic hoist, a truck, a vacuum tank, a tank truck and a mini-bus. The equipment is intended for local utility companies.

Russia’s Kursk region passed two buses and a large batch of car parts and consumables for the available school vehicles in the Pershotravnevy district. Russian representatives also visited the “Alisa” kindergarten in Mangush, wished the children all the best on the occasion of the upcoming Day of Knowledge and gave them toys and education kits, as well as school backpacks to the future first-years.

On Monday, Russia’s Leningrad region delivered six tram cars to Yenakiyevo which will replace the 40-year-old local tram fleet. The trams have all modern conveniences for comfortable trips such as padded seats, places for disabled persons, video surveillance, electronic route indicator and USB sockets. Yenakiyevo mayor Roman Khramenkov said that the new cars are already being tested on town tram routes.

As of today, some 50 Russian regions have pledged to help rebuild Donbass towns and districts.  For example, Moscow is helping Donetsk, Sverdlovsk Region is assisting Makeyevka, Chelyabinsk Region is cooperating with Yasinovataya and Kemerovo Region with Gorlovka.*jk