Donetsk, Aug 4 — DAN. Russian President Vladimir Putin has awarded the title of Hero of Russia to Colonel Olga Kachura (“Korsa”) posthumously. The Kremlin website published the text of the presidential decree on Thursday.

“Colonel Olga Sergeyevna Kachura has been awarded the title of Hero of the Russian Federation (posthumously) for courage and heroism in the performance of military duty, ” the document said.

“Korsa”’s death was reported on Wednesday. She was posthumously awarded the title of Hero of the Donetsk People’s Republic by DPR Head Denis Pushilin’s decree.

Guards Colonel Olga Kachura, call sign “Korsa, ” had worked in law-enforcement for 16 years before the war. She worked her way through from an investigator to head of district HQ.  Kachura joined the DPR militia in April 2014. She has commanded a BM-21 “Grad” unit for the past eight years. “Korsa” had 140 militiamen at her command including personnel who were mobilized in February 2022. Her unit took an active part in the Ilovaisk and Debaltsevo-Uglegorsk military operations. In May 2022, she was decorated with St George Cross, 2nd Class.

In March, Vladimir Putin posthumously awarded the title of Hero of Russia to Sparta battalion commander Vladimir Zhoga (“Vokha”) who had been killed in Volnovakha.*jk