Donetsk, Feb 17 — DAN. First deputy head of A Just Russia — For Truth parliament faction Dmitry Gusev has urged the Federal Service for Financial Monitoring to consider banning the sale of Ukrainian sweets and alcoholic beverages in the country.

“Any Russian marketplace has Ukrainian food on sale such as ‘Khortitsa’ vodka or ‘Roshen’ chocolates, ” Gusev said in a post on Telegram.  “The producers pay taxes to the Ukrainian budget which funds the Ukrainian army. Sometimes they openly sponsor the Ukrainian gunmen who kill our guys.”

The issue was considered by the State Duma Committee on Control earlier on Friday, he said. Russian lawmakers requested the Director of the Federal Service for Financial Monitoring to check the designated facts and ban the sale of these products.

Russia shut down the Roshen confectionery  in Lipetsk back in 2016, but the brand is still available at the Wildberries and Ozon online stores.  “Nemirov” vodka produced in Ukraine and other goods of Ukrainian origin are also available at online stores in Russia. 

The Federal Service for Financial Monitoring is an executive body for interaction and information exchange with the authorities of a number of states and international organizations. It is focused on Russia’s participation in the measures to develop and improve international standards in fighting money laundering and the funding of terrorism.*jk