Donetsk, Oct 26 - DAN. The 70th humanitarian aid convoy of the Russian Emergency Situations Ministry (EMERCOM) delivered to DPR 290 tons of baby food, medications and fiction books on Thursday, humanitarian aid and recovery management department director Vladislav Tomashevskiy told reporters.

“Today, EMECOM’s milestone convoy delivered 290 tons of cargo to us,” Tomashevskiy said. “It includes 270 tons of baby formula, 16 tons of medications and three dedicated cargoes.”

The dedicated cargoes are fine literature books for Krupskaya Donetsk Republican Universal Scientific Library and relief supplies for DPR’s Sanitary and Epidemiological Laboratory and Donetsk Regional Clinical Territorial Medical Association (DoKTMO).

Cargo unloading is now underway at two warehouses in Donetsk.*jk