Donetsk, Sep 28 - DAN. A Russian humanitarian aid convoy delivered some 280 tons of baby formula and medications to the Donetsk People's Republic on Thursday, DPR Emergencies Ministry Humanitarian Aid Distribution Centre Deputy Director Alexey Petrushechkin told reporters.

“Today, the 69th Russian humanitarian aid convoy arrived at Humanitarian Aid Distribution Centre warehouses. We received 226 tons of baby food packages for children aged one to three,” Petrushechkin said.

A government commission is to meet shortly over the distribution of baby formula which will be taken to humanitarian aid centres across the Republic. Food packages contain fruit, vegetable and meat mash, juices and formulae.

DPR Emergencies Ministry press service reported that the convoy had also delivered 11,500 tons of medications and 70 kilograms of medical supplies to be distributed among DPR health centres.

The 69th Russian humanitarian aid convoy comprised of 27 trucks arrives in Donetsk on Thursday. Unloading is underway at three warehouses in the DPR capital’s Budyonnovskiy district.*jk