Donetsk, Dec 22 - DAN. The Russian Emergencies Ministry’s 59th humanitarian aid convoy delivered 250 tons of baby food, New Year presents and medications to the Donetsk People’s Republic on Thursday.

“Twenty white trucks brought 250 tons of humanitarian supplies, including more than 140 tons of baby formula, 72 tons of medications, some 10 tons of presents for children, as well as more than 20 dedicated cargoes,” DPR Emergencies Ministry Humanitarian Aid Department director Vladislav Tomashevskiy told reporters.

Baby food includes various mashes, milk formula and porridges. It will be distributed to families with children under three years of age, medicines will be distributed to medical facilities while children’s presents will be sent to the Republic’s orphanages and boarding schools.

The 58th Russian humanitarian convoy arrived in the Republic on 24 November delivering more than 250 tons of medications, baby food and groats. *jk