Donetsk, Nov 26 - DAN. The Russian Emergency Situations Ministry (EMECOM) has delivered more than 52,000 tons of relief supplies to the Donetsk People’s Republic since the summer of 2014, DPR Emergencies Ministry Humanitarian Aid and Rebuilding Control Department Director Valentin Gordiyenko told reporters on Thursday.

“EMERCOM has sent humanitarian aid convoys to deliver food and essential products to the Donetsk People’s Republic on a regular basis since August 2014,” Gordiyeniko said.  “More than 52,000 tons of relief supplies have been delivered since.”

Over 24,000 tons of food, nearly 8,500 tons of baby food and more than 2,400 tons of medications and medical supplies have been delivered to Donetsk over the designated period. Russia also supplied construction materials, equipment, seeds, chemicals, clothes, stationery, textbooks etc. to the DPR, he said.

“The humanitarian aid has helped maintain the operation of 27 social canteens, 480 schools, 482 kindergartens and 205 health centres. As many as 932 vital and social infrastructure facilities have been restored.  More than 1.5 million baby food kits have been distributed among families with children under three years of age, as well as among families with older children who needed continuous nursing care,” Gordiyenko said.

The 100th humanitarian aid convoy from Russia arrived in the DPR capital on Thursday. Russian rescuers delivered more than 60 tons of relief supplies including medications and medical equipment.*jk