Donetsk, Feb 14 — DAN. The contract portfolio of the RosKapStroy Federal Autonomous Institution which is rebuilding the new Russian regions exceeds 120 billion rubles, company director Yulia Maximova said at a forum of construction companies in Novosibirsk on Tuesday.

“The company is implementing most of its rebuilding projects in Mariupol and Volnovakha where infrastructure sustained 85-percent damage, ” Maximova said during a presentation.

In Mariupol, it will rebuild more than 1,700 facilities; of those, 149 have already been commissioned, she said adding that some 140 facilities were under repairs in Volnovakha.

The company restores power, gas, heat- and water supply facilities, builds apartment houses and processes and disposes of solid municipal waste across the country including the new regions.

RosKapStroy was established in 2016 as an affiliate of the Russian Construction Ministry. It is construction supervisor and customer of budget-funded projects which also engages in education work. In Donbass, RosKapStroy supervises the rebuilding of more than 1,000 facilities; the number of facilities under its control might eventually increase to 7,000, according to open sources.*jk