“The attack on the gypsy camp in Lvov is not the first and not the last incident of this kind in Ukraine. A similar incident happened in Kiev recently, but there were no fatalities. These are the cases where the "watchdogs" of Ukrainian oligarchs and outside forces get out of control and flaunt their power and authority by “mopping up” residents,” the parliamentarian said.

He underlined that the conniving neo-Nazi regime will inevitably become their target. “If the government does not block this ideology and keeps encouraging all-permissiveness of such organisations, they will gain enough power sooner or later to choke the incumbent authorities,” Rudenko said.

A group of unidentified people attacked the Roma camp in the outskirts of Lvov in the evening of June 23. One person was killed and another four were injured including a child. The police detained the attackers who were youngsters aged 16 to 17, as well as their 20-year-old leader.*jk