Donetsk, Jul 27 — DAN. The Samara Oblast is assisting the DPR in repair efforts currently underway in Snezhnoye, more objects are to be reconstructed in future, the Head of the town administration Alexander Skvortsov said.

“Repair works are well under way at schools Np. 4 and 6, a sports school, where not just roofs and windows are being replaced, but also the heating systems; a first-aid medical centre, the Palace of Culture,” he told DAN.

About two hundred people are engaged in the repair works, 150 of them are experts from Russia. 

Reconstruction work is about to begin at nine residential multi-storey houses, where mostly roofs require attention.

The central streets of the town, as well as water supply and sewage pipes are being renovated.

Seven doctors from Russia are consulting patients in the hospital of Snezhnoye.

Skvortsov said that medical experts have always been in demand in the town, especially ophthalmologists.

The Samara Oblast took patronage over the town of Snezhnoye in May, the governments of the town and the Russian region signed a cooperation agreement, the region has already supplied communal equipment, ambulances, computers and textbooks for schools, water and food supplies. *ot