Donetsk, Sep 14 - DAN. More than 40 domestic manufacturing companies in the Donetsk People’s Republic completed quality assessment procedures and were awarded conformity certificates, the Industry and Trade Ministry press service reported on Thursday.

“As of today, Donetskstandartmetrologiya state enterprise has issued 43 ‘Donbass Standard’ certificates, the report said.

The Vodolei meat producer and the Tor confectionery maker were officially certified on Wednesday. Head of the Ministry’s Certification and Regulation Department Olga Khorunzhenko explained that manufacturers were stepping up production due to the population’s increasing confidence in domestic products.

“We see ‘consumer patriotism’ which I believe is explained by the state ideology to support the domestic producer, enterprises’ quality work and the Donbass Standard voluntary certification programme,” the Ministry’s press service quoted Khorunzhenko as saying.

On 13 February 2017, DPR Industry and Trade Ministry jointly with Donetskstandardmetrologiya unveiled the Donbass Standard voluntary goods and services certification system. The DPR-issued conformity certificate aims to promote high quality standards of domestic products.*jk