Donetsk, Dec 5 — DAN. Donetsk People’s Republic Acting Head Denis Pushilin has called upon state-owned organizations to make teleworking arrangements with a maximum number of employees as Ukrainian gunmen stepped up artillery attacks.

“As the shelling has intensified, it is necessary to let a maximum number of state employees work remotely, ” Pushilin said at a meeting with government officials and local authorities on Monday. “Heads of government bodies and state-owned enterprises have to monitor the safety of the workplaces used by the personnel who perform their duties onsite.”

Private businesses can act at discretion in this situation, but “people currently need as much safety as possible, ” he added.

Pushilin also said that limiting access to shelters, including bomb shelters and house entrances was inadmissible.

“During the recent shelling of the Kievsky district, they demanded that people pay a fee for parking at ‘Donetsk City.’ In another incident, they locked the door of a Central Republican Hospital building in Postyshev Street and didn’t let people in. It shouldn’t be this way, one has to explain the rules of conduct in emergencies to personnel, ” the DPR leader said.

Ukraine has stepped up artillery attacks at DPR settlements over the past week. It targets crowded city thoroughfares, residential areas and administration, trade and social facilities. Ukrainian artillery strikes caused extensive damage and numerous fires.*jk