Donetsk, Dec 15 — DAN. Twelve journalists were killed in the line of duty in the Donetsk People’s Republic, DPR Acting Head Denis Pushilin said.

“Andrea Rocchelli, Igor Kornelyuk, Anton Voloshin, Anatoly Klyan, Andrey Stenin, Andrey Vyachalo, Sergey Korenchenkov, Vagid Efendiyev, Athanasios Kosse, Vsevolod Petrovsky, Anatoly Zharov, Sergey Tverdokhleb have given their lives for people to know what was really happening, ” Pushilin said.

They rank with World War II correspondents “who highlighted the fighting on frontlines as courageously, ” he said.

International Journalist Remembrance Day is marked on December 15. It was established by the Russian Union of Journalists in 1991 after gunmen killed two USSR State Television and Radio Company reporters in Yugoslavia’s Hrvatska Kostajnica town area.*jk