Donetsk, Dec 6 – DAN. ‘Donetsk Republic’ social movement activists presented a local history museum with a 300-meter St George’s ribbon, a popular Russian and Donbass military symbol feted now in the Republic.

A 10,000-strong rally in central Donetsk preceded the solemn ceremony which was attended by DPR acting Culture Minister Mikhail Zheltyakov, ‘Donetsk Republic’ Central Executive Committee First Deputy Chairman Andrei Kramar, Republican Local History Museum Director General Denis Kuznetsov and World War II veterans.

“In 2015, the ribbon was delivered from Smolensk, the largest ever. This year, we decided to make our own ribbon to pass it to the Donetsk local history museum,” Kramar said. “Twenty local branches contributed ten-odd-meter-long pieces each, which were sown together into a 300-meter stripe.

The two-colour symbol was unfolded along the Donetsk thoroughfare and officially presented to the museum director for safekeeping.

Acting culture minister focused on symbolism of the event: “symbolically, the ribbon is handed over to the museum which Ukrainian forces shelled in 2014. Today, the museum is restored thanks to the support of DPR Head Alexander Zakharchenko. The local history museum is our memory, our history.”

The museum also keeps the largest DPR flag which is hoisted annually in Donetsk’s central Lenin Square.

St George ribbon was part of Russian Empire military decorations, such as St George Order, St George Cross and St George Medal. In the Soviet Union, it was used in decorating the banners of army units and as military decorations component.

In the Russian Federation, St George ribbon is widely used to commemorate World War II heroes. It also became a symbol of 2014 Ukraine government overthrow opponents and Donbass freedom fighters. *jk