Donetsk, May 28 – DAN. DPR Regional Power Supply Company engineers have restored electricity for 42.5 thousand customers across the Republic, said the Coal and Energy Ministry.

"The staff of the Regional Power Supply Company restored light at more than 42.5 thousand houses in 120 townships across the DPR during May 26 and 27, after they went off the grid due to a stormy weather."

Repair teams have restored 144 power transmission lines, re-connected 215 transformation substations and distribution units. The Amvrosiyevskiy, Starobeshevskiy, Telmanovskiy and Novoazovskiy districts were the most affected by storms.

Weather conditions degraded in the DPR in the evening of May 25. The DPR Emergencies ministry issued severe weather alert in the morning of May 26. *ot