Donetsk, Apr 23 - DAN. The Regional Power Supply Company has resumed electricity supply to two villages in the south of the Donetsk People’s Republic following the outages caused by Ukrainian army strikes on April 13, the DPR Coal and Energy Ministry press service reported on Tuesday.

“Regional Power Supply Company emergency teams completed repairs on the Yuzhnaya-35 - Ukrainskoye” high voltage line which was seriously damaged in shelling by Ukrainian armed formations on April 13,” the report said. “At 12:55, residents of Sosnovskoye and Naberezhnoye could use electricity in their homes for the first time in the past ten days.”

Repairs were delayed because of protracted truce negotiations with Kiev. Unexploded ordnance on repair sites was another major impediment.

In the morning of April 13, Ukrainian armed formations delivered artillery fire at  Sosnovskoye and Naberezhnoye causing power outages in the villages.*jk