Donetsk, Jan 16 – DAN. Ukrainian representatives have disrupted the discussion of prisoners swap at today's meeting of the Conatct Group and its subgroups in Minsk, due to the absence of Mr. Viktor Medvedchuk, said press office of DPR envoy Denis Pushilin.

"Medvedchuk's absence lead to effective work in the humanitarian subgroup. We saw it today. Ms. Irina Geraschenko was hysterical and incorrect and showed the behavior one doesn't expect of a diplomat. That brought the discussion to a deadlock," the statement reads.

Pushilin added that Geraschenko disrupted the meeting of the subgroup leaving the room without 'saying goodbye', said hi press service.

"DPR and LPR representatives became aware that the discussion of the POW swap was meaningless given the absence of Mr. Medvedchuk."Currently the members of the Contact Group discuss the outcome of its subgroups meetings.*ot