Donets, Feb 6 – DAN. Phoenix mobile carrier subscribers can now use their phone numbers to set up a Facebook account, DPR Ministry of Communications reports.

"World's largest social network Facebook is now available for Phoenix customers."

Already existing accounts might be assigned Phoenix numbers, or new accounts might be registered using the Republican numbers.

Since November Republican Mobile operator subscribers are able to create an Apple ID account.

Earlier Phoenix reported that its subscribers can use their phone numbers to sign up for WebMoney, Telegram, Odnoklassniki (Classmates, Russian social network), ICQ, Mail.Ru Agent, Vkontakte (the largest European online social networking service available in more than 80 languages, based in Russia). Phoenix users can also use Viber and WhatsApp on their smartphones.

Facebook was launched on February 4, 2004. Since September 2006 it is available worldwide for users of 16 y.o. and older, who have an e-mail. Facebook is one of the world's five most visited websites with 1.71 billion auditory as of July 2016. *ot