Donetsk, June 11 — DAN. Ukrainian armed formations have fired more than 370 rounds of ammunition of caliber over 12.7mm at the Donetsk People’s Republic on Friday causing civilian casualties.

Military situation

Ukrainian forces opened fire at the DPR at 6:00. Gorlovka, Yasinovataya outskirts and Makeyevka were the first to come under fire.  Kiev gunmen shelled a dozen settlements with “Grad” and “Uragan” multiple rocket launchers, artillery (including guns supplied by France), mortars, grenade launchers and small arms, expending 373 rounds of ammunition.

Three civilians were killed and another 18 were wounded; damage was caused to 19 houses, a post office, a farm, a shop and civil infrastructure facilities; power outages were reported in Makeyevka.

The coalition forces liberated four villages in the north of the DPR on Friday. Over the past 24 hours, DPR militiamen killed 70 gunmen and destroyed a BM-21 “Grad” multiple rocket launcher, seven pieces of hardware including tanks, armored vehicles and munition delivery vehicles, as well as a Ukrainian drone control centre; Russian armed forces destroyed two MLRS batteries and Ukrainian army ammunition dumps. Russian air defense intercepted an “Uragan” MLRS missile. As of now, 235 settlements have come under Donetsk control.

Other events

A decrease in the prices of popular petrol brands A-95 and A-92 was positive news for drivers. The prices fell by three roubles while the gas price decreased by one ruble.

In northern DPR, relief supplies have been distributed to more than 5,000 residents of Krasny Liman which was liberated two weeks ago. Humanitarian aid is contributed by DPR authorities, the military and Russian and Donetsk activists.

New textbooks will be supplied to all schools in Donbass by September 1, the Russian Education Ministry said. DPR and LPR schools will introduce the position of educational advisor to the director in the beginning of the new schoolyear. The advisor’s duties include the organization of schoolchildren’s extracurricular activities such as theatre or cinema going.

In the south of the country, repairs were launched on a 35 kW line to stabilize power supply to Volnovakha.

The Republic launched festivities on the occasion of Russia Day. Greetings will be extended to liberator fighters and their wounded colleagues.


The report is based on Donetsk News Agency original stories and information supplied by the Joint Centre for Control and Coordination, the Territorial Defense Headquarters, dedicated ministries and local authorities.*jk