Donetsk, Jun 17 – DAN. More than 95 percent of DPR frontline areas perceive the actions of Ukrainian president Vladimir Zelensky in a negative way, a polling research by the Donetsk National University and he Lugansk National University showed.

"The highest rate of distrust is observed in frontline areas; 95.7 percent of their residents reveal a highly negative perception of Zelensky's actions; 98.9 percent do no believe that he will be able to change something as president," said the dean of the department of the politology department of the Donetsk University Artyom Bobrovskiy.

"It is an expected result. How can we speak about trust when mines and shells are exploding?"

The poll was conducted on June 3-5, the number of respondents is 1,200 who are of various ages, professions and incomes. Statistical error does not exceed 3.1 percent. *ot