Donetsk, Oct 19 – DAN. Over 50 thousand people attended DPR Hero Colonel Arsen Pavlov best known under his nom de guerre Motorola, funeral on Wednesday, the Republic's Ministry of Internal Affairs said.

"Today, October, 19th, Donetsk pays last tribute to Col. Arseniy Pavlov who was assassinated in a terrorist act. Over 50 thousand people gathered," the statement reads.

Police says 400 law enforcement officials provided security, including 90 road policemen. "No violations of public order are reported."

The farewell ceremony started at around 10 a.m. local time (UTC+03:00) in the premises of Donetsk State Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet, the coffin placed in the hall. DPR Head Alexander Zakharchenko and acting Foreign Minister Natalya Nikonorova, People's Council Chairman Denis Pushilin, ministers, officers, policemen and militiamen and Donbass residents paid their last tribute to the Hero lied in the state.

Thousands were queuing to bid farewell to Motorola filling the central square and adjoining streets. The funeral rites proceeded with the hearse moving along Donetsk central Artem street from Donbass Opera to Komsomolskiy prospect and people chanting "Thank you", "Never forget, Never forgive".
Arseniy Pavlov was killed on October, 16th in the blast of an explosive device planted in the hallway of the block of flats in central Donetsk where he lived. Investigation is led by the DPR Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of State Security. A three day mourning was announced on October 17th.