Donetsk, Oct 14 - DAN. A monument to Donetsk People’s Republic Hero Arsen Pavlov (best known as Motorola) will be erected in the DPR capital’s frontline Kievsky district.

“The monument will be installed in the square named after Arsen Pavlov, south of the Kievsky district administration building,” Donetsk Town Hall said in a resolution posted on its official website.

The installation work has already been launched. The granite monument will be unveiled on October 16 to mark the 5th anniversary of the DPR Hero’s death.

Last year, Pavlov’s bust sculpture was unveiled in Donetsk's Alley of Glory.

The Town hall resolution also said that a monument to the volunteers who had defended Donetsk’s Prokofiev airport would be built north of the Kievsky district administration building. No deadlines were named.

Arsen Pavlov was born in the town of Ukhta, Republic of Komi, on February 2, 1983. He lived in Rostov-on-Don for a long time. As the Donbass conflict broke out, he led the Sparta militia unit. He took part in the fighting for Slavyansk, Ilovaisk and Donetsk airport. He was awarded the title of DPR Hero. Pavlov was killed in an explosion in the entrance to his apartment house in Donetsk.  The DPR authorities classified the explosion as an act of terror.*jk