Donetsk, Sep 22 – DAN. Over 3,500 residential and public buildings have been damaged in Gorlovka during the armed conflict due to Kiev's shelling, local administration told DAN.

"In more than three years 3,430 private or multiapartment houses have sustained damage, 146 educational, health and cultural public buildings have been damaged as well."

The most affected area is Nikitovskiy district in the north-west of the town.

As of today, 574 objects have been repaired, 512 of those are residential buildings. Over 200 buildings have been damaged beyond repair, including Zaitsevo school.

Gorlovka is third largest city in terms of size and population in DPR. In August, the DPR Head Alexander Zakharchenko awarded it the title of the City of Military Glory on the 238th anniversary of Gorlovka. *ot