Donetsk, Oct 30 – DAN. Over 260 requests from Russia and Donbass residents have been filed to the organizers of the International Medical Forum 'The Science of Battling Illness' in Donetsk, said acting minster of health Alexander Oprischenko.

"The number of applicants exceeds all our expectations. We have already received 263 requests, 80 of them are from Russia, the LPR and from Kiev-controlled territory of Donbass," he said.

The organizing committee has received 160 reports, 141 articles and 17 introductions to reports, mainly by Russian and LPR scientists.

The international medical conference will take place in Donetsk in November 15-16 under the Humanitarian program for Donbass reunification and it will house about 300 surgeons, therapists, pediatrists, obstetricians, gynecologists, anesthesiologists from a number of countries.

Seven sections will be working within the Forum for experts in pediatrics, obstetrics, gynecology; urgent and elective oncological surgeries, etc. Pharmaceutical and medical equipment development achievements will be showcased at the conference. *ot