Donetsk, May 15 - The Donetsk Water Treatment Plant (DFS) found itself in the fire sector on May 14 and 15; its personnel cannot leave the facility for a second day, the Voda Donbassa water supply enterprise press service said on Tuesday.

“The DFS was in the fire sector at night-time on May 14 and 15. Windows of the chemicals unit and the administrative building have been damaged,” the press service said.

The company also said that the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission staff “refused to accompany the shift workers today; so the night shift will work for the second day running.”

The DFS stopped operation from April 18 till April 22 following the shooting at the Voda Donbassa company’s convoy in which five DFS workers were wounded. After the DFS resumed operation, the OSCE SMM helped ensure the safety of its personnel as it monitored DFS shift changes.

The DFS area is a hot spot in Donbass. It is located outside Yasinovataya and feeds water to both sides of the contact line. The number of DFS customers exceeds 400,000.*jk