Donetsk, Jun 14 — DAN. The construction of a new water conduit to Shakhtyorsk will help improve water supply to the old part of the town, said Shakhtyorsk mayor Alexander Shatov.

“The problem is that we have one water duct for the town, whereas four lines from different sources had been used before the 1990s, ” Shatov said during a live stream on Telegram.  “We’re now considering a new conduit together with the Construction Ministry and our sponsor, the Sakhalin region.”

The new water line is expected to improve water supply to the old part of the town, he said.

Shakhtyorsk Town Hall earlier said that construction companies would replace some 1,000 meters of old water pipes, ten hydrants and pumping station shut-off valves. As of today, Shakhtyorsk water ducts wear and tear is estimated at 99 to 100 percent and water supply network’s at 83 percent.*jk