Donetsk, Mar 20 - DAN. The number of IDP kids in DPR has out reached two thousand since the outbreak of war, said ombudswoman Daria Morozova.

"Since the war started, the number of registered IDPs has reached 7,994 including 2,106 children up to 18 years old."

The ombudswoman office has directed 5,054 IDPs into temporary dwellings; 3,016 are currently staying there, 2,741 of them come from Kiev-controlled territories.

"In 2016 513 people from Kiev-controlled territory requested temporary dwelling from the ombudswoman office. This year we have already received 57 such requests".

The DPR ombudswoman office has been engaged in providing assistance to IDPs since 2014; 68 temporary dwellings are available in DPR, 57 currently operate and the rest are held in reserve. *ot