Donetsk, Nov 14 - DAN. The renovation of the former dormitory and the health centre of the Donetsk National University in central Donetsk for 137 families whose house near Donetsk Airport was destroyed in the fighting is 80 percent complete; the apartments will be commissioned on 15-20 December 2017, Council of Ministers deputy chairman Dmitriy Trapeznikov told reporters on Tuesday during inspection of the buildings.

Construction and Housing and Public Utilities Minister Sergey Naymets, acting Donetsk administration head Alexey Kulemzin and head of the Republic’s Permanent Buildings Construction Directorate Ruslan Teryayev joined him on the inspection tour.

DPR officials also inspected the ongoing finishing and development and greening of the buildings premises. The exterior of the buildings is nearly finished. New windows were installed and the building were extensively remodelled. A children’s playground war arranged in the yard.

“Priority was given to domestically-produced construction materials. The materials which are not produced in DPR came from the Russian Federation. Two-hundred and ninety people are engaged in the restoration project. We estimate the cost of works at over 100 million rubles,” Naumets said.

The ruined nine-storey building is located in Vzlyotnaya Street in the vicinity of the city airport. It was badly damaged during the fighting and is beyond repair. One hundred and thirty-seven families found themselves homeless.

In May 2017, DPR authorities launched a project to restore the former dormitory and the health centre of the Donetsk National University to provide new housing for the tenants of the destroyed apartment house. Earlier reports said the tenants would get the keys to their new apartments in late December 2017. *jk