Donetsk, Aug 21 — DAN. Donetsk is expecting 30 new low-floor buses from its sponsor region this year to replenish its public transport fleet, the City Hall told the Donetsk News Agency.

The existing network of routes in Donetsk is based on community recommendations and currently meets city folks needs, the City Hall said. Damage to transport infrastructure and a shortage of drivers and vehicles result in longer intervals between bus runs and suspended bus lines.

DPR Acting Head Denis Pushilin earlier ordered the authorities to put the public transport in order following passengers’ complains about its poor sanitary and technical condition. City residents also asked to increase the number of bus runs and extend the operating hours. More busses have been added to Routes 16, 20, 20A and 20B.

Inspectors noted certain improvements following two-week checks of public transport vehicles in Donetsk and other towns in the Republic.

Earlier reports said that Yasinovataya authorities launched a bus link with Donetsk after an 18-month pause.*jk