Donetsk, Oct 11 — DAN. The construction of a school gym and assembly hall has begun in the Staroignatyevka village, Telmanovo district administration head Natalia Velikodnaya told the Donetsk News Agency.

“Direct hits damaged the dining hall, food unit, assembly hall and the gym, ” Velikodnaya said. “A decision was made to demolish them and put up pre-fabricated buildings.”

Staroignatyevka was founded in 1780 by Georgian and Walach settlers from Crimea.  At that time, the peninsula was joining the Russian Empire under the reign of Catherine II. The settlement’s original name was Ignatyevnaya. In 1885, the Walachs segregated and set up their own village. They have preserved their native language and customs, while the Crimean Georgians spoke Tartar and believed that they were Greeks or Greek-Tatars. Back in the 20th century, some Staroignatyevka residents used to call their village Gyurdzhi (Georgia in Tatar). *i