Donetsk, Jul 6 — DAN. Specialists of the “Single Customer in the Field of Construction” have restored some 600 apartment buildings in the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics, said the press service of the state-owned company.

“Construction workers have fully restored some 600 apartment buildings; Mariupol and Severodonetsk account for the largest portion of rebuilt infrastructure, ” the press service told the Donetsk News Agency. “Large  projects are being implemented in Volnovakha, Krasny Luch and other big towns of the two Republics.”

Overall, more than two million square meters of housing have already been restored. The company repaired load carrying structures and replaced windows, doors, heating lines and utility systems.

The Russian Construction Ministry coordinates all rebuilding projects in the new regions. The “Single Customer” has a 23,000-strong workforce which includes local residents and specialists from other regions.

The Donetsk News Agency earlier reported that a Russian developer announced plans to build a large residential area with social infrastructure in a war-ravaged district of Donetsk.*jk