Donetsk, Jan 25 - DAN. The Donbass Republics and Ukraine might carry out a new prisoner exchange within a month, DPR ombudswoman Darya Morozova said during Moscow-Donetsk-Lugansk video conference addressing international organisations’ reports on Ukraine’s crimes against Donbass population.

“As for the next stage of prisoner exchange, we see no obstacles to implementing it,” Morozova said. “Furthermore, we urge Ukraine to dialogue and I think we can carry out an exchange in a calm atmosphere within a month.”

Earlier, she said DPR was looking for 285 people in Ukrainian territory, including 80 residents whose presence in Ukraine had been confirmed.

On Thursday, Donetsk News Agency’s press centre hosted the first ever video conference addressing UN and OSCE Donbass situation reports which directly accuse Ukraine of crimes, including crimes against civilians. The forum brought together experts, lawyers and rights activists from Moscow, Donetsk and Lugansk at the press centres of TASS, DAN and Lugansk Media Centre news agencies.

On 27 December 2017, DPR, LPR and Ukraine carried out one of the largest prisoner exchanges in the course of the Donbass conflict. It took place at the crossing point in Gorlovka area; Ukraine handed over 160 people to Donetsk, and DPR passed 57 people to Kiev. *jk