Donetsk, Mar 4 – DAN. More than 900 houses and infrastructural facilities have been damaged by Ukrainian shelling since February 20, the Minister of Construction, Housing and Public Utilities Vladimir Dubovka said.

"Since February 20, barrages destroyed 923 objects: vital infrastructure, residential houses, public buildings," he said.

The most severely hit is Gorlovka, where 337 objects are damaged or destroyed, followed by Donetsk with 307 objects that sustained hits, and Dokuchayevak and Yasinovataya, 149 and 59 objects, respectively.

Since the outbreak of the war in 2014, nearly 30,000 infrastructural facilities have been damaged in Donbass.

The situation escalated to its worst in mid-February 2022. Russia has launched a special military operation to liberate the DPR and LPR territories and demilitarize and denazify Ukraine. *ot